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M. A. Rose is a former development executive for VH1. While at VH1 he supervised and developed such shows hit shows as "The List" and "Rock of Ages". It was at VH1 where Rose met legendary record producer Bob Johnston (Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen), who after hearing a collection of Rose's acoustic demos exclaimed, "Kid, you gotta go make a record." Weeks later, production began on M. A. Rose's eclectic self-titled debut began.

Completed last spring, the rootsy alterna-rock record is tightly packed with infectious catchy melodies and pop choruses. Rose, a strong singer/songwriter known for his clever and literate lyrics, manages to be funny and sensitive at the same time, constantly surprising the listener with unforgettable lyrical hooks and anthems. After you've listened to an M. A. Rose song, it's not easy to get it out of your head.

Rose and his band, including producer Billy Jay Stein can be seen performing in and around New York City.

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