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M. A. Rose Band

Billy Jay Stein
Gregg Shapiro
Cliff Mays
Mark Dannells
Larry Lelli

New York-based Billy Jay Stein is M. A.'s producer, musical director, arranger, mixer, and recording engineer. On the CD Billy plays piano, B3 organ, keyboards, and programmed the drums.

Billy is an original member of the rock and roll band, The Hatters. The band was created at the University of Pennsylvania, where Billy attended from 1988-1991. The Hatters gained an enormous following, ultimately leading to a three album deal with Atlantic Records in 1992. The Hatters shared the stage with countless acts over their 7-year run including, Dave Matthews Band, Buddy Guy, Collective Soul, Blues Traveler, Phish, The Allman Brothers Band, and Joan Osbourne.

After the band's breakup in 1996, Billy opened the recording studio aptly titled Strange Cranium Studios, due to his fascination and extensive study in the field of the biological basis of brain behavior and it's emphasis on neural systems (Billy chose music over medicine). Since its inception, Strange Cranium Productions has quickly become a force in all areas of music.

Billy, Strange Cranium himself, is in constant demand. He's written and produced music for all 28 original episodes of VH1's Rock of Ages and created all the theme music for VH1's The List and Karaoke Cabaret. Billy is currently composing all the music for Sledgehammer, VH1's new hidden camera show. Most importantly, Billy met M. A. Rose while working as a composer/producer for VH1.

Billy can now be seen stepping in on the keyboards for the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Broadway. Before that, Billy was also the keyboardist in the orchestra pit of the rock/goth musical Jekyl & Hyde on Broadway from 1997-2001. During the show's run he worked with Sebastian Bach. Billy has also performed with Ray Charles, Natalie Cole, Brandy, She Moves, Billy Porter, and Bebe & Cece Winans. He currently can be seen touring with Atlantic Recording artist, Linda Eder.

*Appearances include: Madison Square Garden, Shea Stadium, Carnegie Hall, PBS' Great Performances, Good Morning America, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, and TBS.

Billy can be contacted at

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Gregg and M. A. have known each other since childhood and have always shared a passion for music. Gregg has been playing and performing since junior high school, starting out on the piano and moving over to bass when no one else wanted to play only four strings.

In the mid-nineties, M. A. and Gregg formed their first band together, Another Story, and performed regularly throughout New York City. After recording an EP (now a collector's item), the band disbanded and Gregg relocated to Atlanta and joined the Immigrants and his current band Blankety Blank* who have successfully made their mark on the Atlanta music scene.

Gregg rejoined M. A. after completing his own solo album, Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed. The album features two M. A. songs. You can buy Gregg's CD by e-mailing him at Gregg is a major influence and inspiration for M. A.

*Note: Blankety Blank's front man is Greg Roth, who was M. A. 's first "professional" singing partner. They performed in front of thousands of people when they were ten and eleven performing Beatle medley's accapella. Learn more about Blankety Blank at BLANKETYBLANKBAND.COM.

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Cliff Mays has been playing guitar, singing and writing songs since forever. Growing up in the suburbs of NYC provided a rich musical environment for him to develop his talents as guitarist. Cliff began his formal musical studies at the age of 15, studying guitar with famed jazz guitarist Billy Bauer. He began playing in local bands at the age of 16 and soon found a passion for Rock 'n Roll. He continues to make his home in the NYC area where he is busy collecting old things and making a living playing his guitar.

Cliff can be reached at

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He may have the oddest haircut in New York - how can someone be bald and have a ponytail? - but Larry Lelli has become one of the hottest new drummers on the New York music scene. Larry is known for his laid-back style, his energizing performances, and the ability to play for the song. Originally from Minneapolis, Lelli did a stint in the jazz clubs there and later spent some time in Nashville, touring and writing songs. But after years on the road, and being mistaken for a Hare Krishna one too many times, Larry eventually landed in New York so he could feel less conspicuous (it's worked beautifully).

Larry can be currently heard playing in several Broadway shows including The Producers. Before that, Larry was busy backing up former Skid Row front man, Sebastian Bach around town and during his run at Jekyll & Hyde. Lelli also toured with the legendary rock group The Mamas and the Papas, where Papa John Phillips introduced Larry as "the next Hal Blaine". Larry can also be heard and seen with different singer/songwriters at The Bitter End, CBGB's, and The Metropolitan.

Larry gives special thanks to Yamaha, Sabian, and Gramma. He can be reached at

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Guitarist Mark Dannells wants to kill you. Mark can currently be seen playing with Elektra artists The Brand New Immortals. As an Emmy Award winning songwriter/producer, he is all about the cash and the gash. But don't buy the hype, he says Berklee didn't do him any harm. He forgot everything but the first two bars of Donna Lee. Consequently, he flits around Atlanta and all points beyond wearing fancy dresses.

Mark can be reached at

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